Who is Central City Foundation?

Central City Foundation is the legacy that was created in 1907 when a small group of men and women in Vancouver came together to help their neighbours in need. We believe in the intrinsic value of human beings, in their agency and right to self-determination. All people have value, strengths and gifts to share with their community. By providing supports and addressing barriers, we are working to build a resilient, caring and inclusive community where it is possible for all people to overcome injustice, participate and thrive.

We believe there can be a healthier, more vibrant inner city that is a valued part of our larger community. Healthy and vibrant communities value social justice. People care for one another. Basic health and social services are assured. Safe and affordable housing is available. People have jobs, reliable income and other opportunities. Arts and recreation flourish. Children have the chance to play and learn. Streets are safe and neighbours are connected. To this end, we mobilize our capital for good. We help people in the inner city improve their lives by investing in social purpose real estate, capital grants, programs and subsidies. We are committed to community-led solutions. To respond to the evolving needs within our community, we continually seek to expand our deep understanding of the history and context of the issues. We are prepared to tackle the difficult problems that others will not.