Hope Dialogue Series

Central City Foundation launched the Hope Dialogue Series in 2017. These events brings together local leaders and influencers for an in-depth dialogue about the issues faced by people in the inner city. We hope this dialogue will deepen our understanding of the challenges faced by our neighbours and the community organizations supported by Central City Foundation. We also hope this dialogue will lead to the envisioning of new, innovative community-led solutions.

Across the events, we have learned more about the context that has lead us to where we are as a community:

  •  Colonialism, patriarchy, stigma, racism and poverty and the intended or unintended negative consequences of decades of government policy imposed on the inner city all resonates as contributing factors with participants
  • Generational effects of trauma from residential schools, ongoing trauma and stigma reinforced by the foster care system, all serve to reinforce challenges for women, children and youth in the inner city

For more details, you can view our study guides:

Hope Dialogue Series – Women in the Inner City

Hope Dialogue Series – Children & Youth