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For every dollar that Central City Foundation spends, we generate $3.90 in social benefit | Social Purpose Real Estate

For every dollar that Central City Foundation spends, we generate $3.90 in social benefit.

Central City Foundation is a leader in Canadian social purpose real estate. Capital from the foundation is invested in properties and buildings that provide low income housing as well as space and place to community organizations that help people in the inner city improve their lives. Our buildings offer a safe and stable space for our neighbours and community partners at highly subsidized rents so they can build an inclusive, equitable and safe community.

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Abbott Mansion

A long-standing asset of Central City Foundation, Abbott Mansion was re-opened in 1999. Rents are kept affordable for those with very low incomes. Since 2006, we’ve rented office space in the Abbott to the Crosstown Clinic, the only clinic in North America to offer medical-grade heroin and the legal analgesic hydromorphone within a supervised clinical setting to chronic substance use patients.

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The Crossing at Keremeos

Thanks to the support of our donors, Central City Foundation was able to purchase a 58 acre property in a secluded rural area near Keremeos, BC. This made possible the creation of the first long-term residential youth treatment centre for addictions in BC. This beautiful setting provides a safe, supportive environment where youth can heal and move forward in their lives.

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Aunt Leah's Place

Many people are surprised to learn that over 60% of Vancouver’s homeless are former foster children. For more than 25 years, Aunt Leah’s has provided a safe and supported environment for young people to learn to live independent lives. Today, Aunt Leah’s Place has a warm and caring home for young mothers and their children on 20th Street in New Westminster, thanks to the generous support of Central City Foundation and our donors.

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Phil Bouvier Family Centre

In 2004, a childcare centre came up for sale in Strathcona, the neighbourhood where children have been shown to be most at risk. A coalition of childcare providers came to Central City Foundation with a proposal that CCF purchase the building and create an Indigenous Early Years childcare space that would be a service hub to provide wraparound support for inner city children and their families. We helped make it happen.

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The Cosmopolitan Hotel

The Cosmopolitan Hotel, located in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, offers 42 safe rooms and access to women-centred health care for our city’s most vulnerable women. When Central City Foundation purchased the building in 2001, it was in complete disrepair and home to nothing but pigeons. After extensive renovations, we reopened the hotel in 2003, which expanded the affordable housing options for our neighbours in need and contributed to the revitalization of the community.

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